Need a barrier in front of your french doors? Juliet balconies allow you to have no uninterrupted views.

Juliet balconies are becoming more and more popular – this is due to their many advantages, such as: no structural complications, unobstructed views and cost. Juliet’s are commonly used on the outside of both commercial and residential buildings with French doors and windows. This simple system can give you that “deluxe” feel of a balcony with relative simplicity.

Why choose a Juliet Balcony?

At London Glass & Balustrades, we only use the best Juliet balcony systems – tried and tested. Our Juliet balconies offer many innovative designs, using various shapes and sizes, with different methods of fixing. The Juliet balcony systems utilises the strength of aluminium and stainless steel handrails, to allow greater spans of glass to be supported in line with building regulations (up to 4000mm). This results in a most appealing Juliet balcony, as there is no split in the panel, making it much more aesthetic and visually appealing.

Juliet balconies have always been a popular addition to a home, as they really can open up a space and give you that wow factor from the exterior. They are also a much cheaper option than a normal balcony, as they can be installed without additional expenses you would find with extending a building – such as other materials, and the need for planning permission in most cases. While, there may be instances where planning permission will be required to move forward with a Juliet balcony, such as if you live in a conservation zone, or if the balcony has a floor – no matter how small. It is always worth checking with your local planning authority within your area before planning or proceeding with a Juliet balcony.

Moreover, it is also good to know that value is added to any property that are appropriate for a Juliet balcony system, both in the domestic and commercial sectors!


A Juliet balcony is totally safe – they are fixed to certain materials, which will agree with the building regulations. The most popular Juilet balconies are fixed with either stand-offs fixings or a slotted rail. A channel fixing is also possible. The stainless steel rails used for Juliet balconies are visually appealing, and structurally sound, which is why they are our preferred choice of material. 


Suitable for mounting glass panels both vertically and horizontally. Available in brushed stainless steel and a durable mirror polish.


These brackets and rail allow you to easily install a minimalist, yet robust, balcony system. Available in brushed stainless steel and a durable mirror polish.


Stainless steel post balustrades create a classic and strong design. Available in brushed stainless steel and a durable mirror polish.

Completed PROJECTS

We tailor the glass for each Juliet Balcony


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